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2Gether Insurance are a well established, specialist Insurance Broker offering specifically designed bespoke schemes, especially for Ferrari owners - including schemes for current models, performance models and classics. 2getherFS policies are all specifically tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

Best value insurance for Ferrari Owners!  Click here to request a personalised quote from 2getherFS - specialist performance car insurance broker!

In over 95% of cases, 2GetherFS offer the cheapest prices on Ferrari insurance and are able to offer many different types of scheme for Ferrari insurance.

2Gether Offer large discounts for limited mileage and Future Classic Insurance for all Ferraris. Further, 2Gether Insurance are able to offer competitively priced policies for Modern Classic Insurance, True Classic Insurance, Future Classic Insurance, Super Car Insurance cover and Everyday Performance car Insurance products.

01945 427042

Some of the benefits that 2Gether PREMIER Insurance policies offer for Ferrari Insurance includes :

Everyday Use
Future Classic
Typical Classic
Limited Mileage Discount
Prestige Courtesy Vehicle
Manufacturer repairer Schemes
Salvage retention
Agreed Value
Breakdown Cover
Enhanced Legal cover
Free Accident Management Cover
5 Year Parts Warranty on claims
Pick up and Drop off car in event of Claim
Coded Key Care Cover
Brand New Car Replacement (for Cars within first 12 months)
Free Enhanced legal cover up to 100,000
Business use Options

2Gether Insurance are focused on offering Exceptional, High Quality, Good Value, bespoke Insurances for all Ferrari owners.

Many Insurance providers do not have the in-depth, expert knowledge, schemes or products to cater for performance vehicles of these groups or values. 2Gether Insurance have negotiated specialised rates with various providers for vehicles with values ranging from 50,000 to 250,000.

It would be wreckless to arrange an insurance policy for your prized Ferrari on a non advised basis, potentially risking the quality of cover that 2Gether will provide.

2Gether Insurance are committed to offering the highest quality, lowest cost, best value Ferrari Insurance, promoted through their online presence and supported by their knowledgable, friendly and helpful UK staff.

2Gether Insurance are seen by their regular customers as the Premier Insurance provider for Ferrari Insurance, proven by their exceptional renewal retention record.

In addition to their bespoke motor insurance policies, 2Gether are also able to offer a wide range of supporting services :

  • Key Care - providing extra cover for loss of your keys
  • Breakdown Cover - comprehensive UK / Europe breakdown service, operated by Europe Assist, from as little as 19.00
  • Gap Insurance - making up the difference between your value and the insurance value, in the event of a write-off

Call 2Gether on their dedicated PREMIER Insurance Line :

01945 427042

Gary and his team look forward to hearing from you to discuss your personal requirements.

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